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Namdapha National Park

It is now a legally protected area having been designated in 1983 as the Namdapha National Park under Wildlife (Protection) Act. The same year, it was also declared as a Tiger Reserve under project tiger. With a total area of 1,985-sq-kms, this is the largest national park in the Northeast and one of the larger protected areas in the country. The farthest part of India in the northeast is named after the rising sun. Rightly so, because it is here every morning that the first rays of sunlight strike the Indian subcontinent heralding a new dawn of activity and expectations. The state of Arunachal Pradesh is endowed with natural and cultural attributes, which make it verily a fantasyland. Here, forests and wilderness predominate in exuberance, extent, density and diversity, which is indeed rare and unique.

While the whole setting is fabulous, one area stands out far above the rest on account of its natural beauty and supreme wilderness. This is the area at the extreme end of Changland district In Arunachal Pradesh, bordering Myanmar ( Burma ) on two sides and watered by the Noa-Dehing and Namdapha Rivers .

Certain aspects of Namdapha makes it stand out from the rest of park. The first is the altitude, which varies around 200 metres (nearly sea level) in the valleys to more than 4,500 metres with snow covered mountain peaks. Perhaps no other national park in the world can boast of such phenomenal altitudinal variation. As a result, the climate conditions inside the area are favorable for different species.

Though located at 27 degrees north of the equator and hence being in the sub-tropical zone having a tropical climate, the higher parts of the reserve, which are mountainous and rugged experience cold temperate round the year. Similarly, rainfall is very variable - excessive in the tropical part and scanty in the higher reaches.

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