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Famous Destinations in Nepal

Nepal is a wonder in Himalaya. It is a land of diversity, friendly people, and adventure. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. Nepal is a crossroad of two great civilizations of the world (India and China). Hence Nepal has unique culture and own heritage. Landscape of Nepal varies from Gangetic plain to highest mountains in the world within a 110 miles or so.

Famous Tourist Places in Nepal

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. It is located faintly south-east of Nepal’s centre and covers an area of about 230 square kilometres.The city has a population of about 700.000 inhabitants.Kathmandu is really two cities: on one hand a legendary capital of friendly pilgrims and engraved rose
Pokhara valley occupies the central location in Nepal and is dominated by the peaks of Annapurna range. Its unique setting may be judged from the fact that the town of Pokhara (91 3 metres), is only fifty kilometres from Annapurna 1 (8,091 metres), clearly seen from the valley.
The township of Tansen is among a few towns outside the capital which bears a rich legacy of the traditional art and architecture. Perched on the lap of the spectacular Srinagar Danda (hill) Tansen, commands a gorgeous panorama of the Himalayas as well as the plains of Terai.
Lumbini-a place in the South-Western Terai of Nepal, evokes a kind of holy sentiment to the millions of Buddhists all over the world-as do the Jerusalem to Christians and Mecca to Muslims. Lumbini is the place Lord Buddha -the apostle of peace and the light of Asia was born in 623 B. C.,
Bhaktapur, or Bhadgaon as the city is also known, is a musium of medieval art and architecture with many fine examples of sculpture, woodcarving and colossal pagoda consecrated to different gods and goddesses. The city is shaped like a conch shell, one of the emblems of the god Vishnu, and was founded by King Ananda Deva in 889 A.D
The ancient city of Patan, lying 5 km southeast of Kathmandu, is known as the city of fine arts. The city is full of Hindu temples and Buddhist monuments.The diversity of the medieval culture that allowed both Hinduism and Buddhism to flourish has left a rich legacy of impressive sightseeing in this city for today's visitors.
King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who unified the kingdom of Nepal during eighteenth century, was born in the township of Gorkha. Situated on a small hillock at an attitude of about 1000 m, Gorkha offers panoramic view of snow-fed mountain.

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